From Belk Shopper to Belk Vendor!!

As an accountant in corporate America, I used the office wardrobe restrictions as inspiration to create fabulous clothing that was perfect for work and play. What started as a small company, selling my designs to my co-workers and eventually boutiques, has now blossomed into a wonderful and exciting partnership with Belk.

I have always been a Belk shopper, so having the chance to have my designs on the floor is really a surreal opportunity. I know that the experience will be a lot of work, but thankfully, I have a great mentor in my buyer, Christine, who has truly helped guide me in the right direction. She has been able to give me an insider’s perspective on how the Belk customer thinks and shops, and I know that information will be essential to making the line a hit.

For this collection, I am bringing in the tried-and-true pieces that I know customers have loved in the past, but I am giving them an exclusive, fun and vibrant twist just for Belk. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be hard at work getting ready for the next merchant meeting, where we’ll finalize the collection and take the next steps to get it ready to hit stores in Spring 2016.

I hope you’ll follow along as I work my way through this exciting process!


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